Spill Wizards

Acid Neutralizer

Spill Wizards Acid Neutralizers are granular or liquid materials sprinkled or poured over acids, bases, or aldehydes to make them safe to clean up and handle. Granular neutralizers change color to indicate that the liquid is safe to handle.

Cleaning Solutions

Algae Eater

Algae Eater is not an algaecide or a poison; it is a powerful blend of microbes that remove algae from a variety of hard surfaces.

It is a non-chlorinated, non-foaming, highly-concentrated dishwashing detergent. This concentrated detergent is designed to tackle tough greasy soils with low doses.

Cleaning Solutions

Betadine Stain Remover

Instantly neutralizes betadine & iodine-based stains. Rapidly removes betadine & iodine-based stains from hard surfaces.

Cleaning Solutions

Carpet & Sofa Stain Remover

Carpet & Sofa Stain Remover is a general purpose carpet cleaning solution, pre-spray and spotter which continues to work hours after standard cleaners stop working.

Cleaning Solutions

Carpet Shampoo

Experience the Power of Nature in Every Clean Unlock the ultimate carpet cleaning solution with Beyond Green Carpet Shampoo. Crafted from 100% natural ingredients and driven by Phytology Technology, this industrial-grade cleaner delivers a potent cleaning action while being gentle on the environment.

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