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Grease Buster

Unlike other cleaners generally used for cleaning grease and dirt in kitchens and food service applications, Grease Busteruses all-natural, sustainable and biodegradable microbe and enzyme technology to digest grease and other hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide. Conventional cleaners turn grease and hydrocarbons into an emulsion with water, which leaves a greasy slime throughout the drainage system. This emulsion attracts insects, germs and generates odors.

Grease Buster besides cleaning better on surfaces, cleans out the drainage system and grease traps saving untold amounts of money on grease trap pumping and clogged drain lines. With conventional cleaners, the dirt and grease come to the top of the mop bucket. The mop is drawn through the grease on top of the water surface redepositing it back onto the floor. Grease Buster leaves the floor squeaky clean – ready for the OSHA inspector.

Cleaning Checklist

  • Concentrated microbe-powered fat, oil and grease “ FOG ” digesting cleaner.
  • Digests FOG & food waste into carbon dioxide and water.
  • Provides a “ deep cleaning ” by quickly penetrating porous floors.
  • Reduces fly infestations by eliminating FOG build-up.
  • Reduces odors caused by rancid FOG accumulation.
  • Removes the greasy film, eliminating slippery floors.
  • Unlike degreasers, which only liquefy FOG, it digests them completely
  • Easily applied by Mopping, Spray n wipe, Auto Floor Scrubber or Foam Gun.
  • NSF-approved, neutral ph, bio-based, all-natural and biodegradable