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Odor Neutralizer

Odor Neutralizer uses Clift Industries proprietary Nano-Natural Technology with Active-Nanoids to break down the odor causing molecules. Odor Neutralizer breaks down odors into microscopic particles that disperse and repel one another. These particles are then easy to neutralize and less likely to re-adhere to the cleaned surfaces. The molecular structure of Odor Neutralizer particles is so small they can forcefully penetrate molecules of daunting odors for quick and easy neutralizing.

Cleaning Checklist

  • A blend of botanical extracts that neutralize outdoor odors.
  • Eliminates flies instantly.
  • Instantly destroys odors from refuse containers, collection vehicles, landfills, sewers & more.
  • Alters the method bacteria decomposes waste so that it does not produce noxious odors.
  • Extremely effective against sulphur, nitrogen & mercaptan-based odors.
  • Does not mask or cover odors like heavily-fragranced concentrates.
  • Applied by misting, spraying, dripping or fogging.
  • Five litres of diluted product treats 100 square meters.
  • Bio-based, all-natural & biodegradable.
  • Air Neutralizer – Effectively neutralizes odors caused by smoking, urine, vomit, mildew and cooking odors.
  • Hard Surface Deodorizer – Rapidly eliminates odors from countertops, tables, walls, restrooms, urinals, toilets, garbage containers and used in routine cleaning operations.
  • Fabric refresher – Quickly neutralizes odors from upholstery, carpet and fabric surfaces without chemicals.
  • Fast – destroys odors on contact using Nano-Natural Technology.
  • Effective – Neutralizes odors, does not mask with fragrances or perfumes.
  • Versatile – Neutralizes odors in the air, hard surfaces and fabrics.
  • Safe – bi-based using only 100% all-natural ingredients.